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Non-Flammable High Strength Spray Adhesive Completely non-flammable and non-methylene chloride, this adhesive has all the properties of HP and is appropriate for areas where flammability is a concern.

Not available for sale in California.

Name: NFHS
Description: High strength, non-flammable; Waterproof; Heat resistant; High tensile strength; High peel strength; Web spray
Color: Clear and Red (NFHS only)
Features: Completely non-flammable; No CFCs; No ODS; Non-Methylene Chloride formula
Individual Usage: Radius edgebanding; Glass; Fabric; Carpet; Upholstery; Applications where total non-flammability is required; Cabinet and woodworking applications; Automotive headliners; High temperature applications
Size: 40lb. and 200lb.
Rec. Tips: 250050: 1.5" ; 652-277-30WT: 1.5-6" ; 9502: 7"** (**one sided or heavy application)