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Westech's WT-MP® spray adhesive (Multi-Purpose Industrial Adhesive) was specifically designed to provide permanent bonding of materials for a variety of applications. Bonds fabric to foam, tub wall surrounds, and a variety of other substrates. WT-MP® products provide a fast tacking, strong, waterproof and permanent bond.
  • High tack
  • High solids web spray for extended coverage
  • Low VOC and HAP's free
  • MPEA® version reduces telegraphing for thin fabrics
Name: MP13® / MPC13® / MPEA®
Description: Multi-Purpose Industrial Adhesive ,Multi-purpose, low VOC; High tack; Waterproof; Heat resistant; Web spray
Color: Clear
Features: Low VOC; No HAPs; Non-Methylene Chloride formula; No CFCs; No ODS;
Individual Usage: Most foams and fabrics; Tub wall surrounds; Upholstery carpet; Plastics or films (test first)
Size: 13 oz., 9lb., 27lb. and 135lb.
Rec. Tips: 652-277-30WT: 3-7"