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Citrus Cleaner and Adhesive Remover is specifically designed to clean Westech brand gunjets and adhesives from a variety of surfaces. It has a fresh citrus scent and removes scuff marks, graffiti, grease, tar and much more. It can be used on most substrates to remove adhesives, grease, inks, oils stains, tar, rubber marks, residue from decals or tapes, graffiti, and release agents. WT-CCAR® can be used to clean up overspray on laminate and aid in clean-up.
  • Metals
  • Flooring
  • Motors
  • Printing Equipment
  • Concrete
  • All natural (no petroleum distallates)
  • Biodegradable
  • Non corrosive
Name: WT-CCAR®
Description: Citrus cleaner and adhesive rmover; All natural (no petroleum distillates) Fresh, citrus scent; Non-corrosive, biodegradable; Cleans many surfaces including most plastics, metals, flooring, motors, printing equipment, concrete
Color: Clear
Features: Low VOC; No HAPs; Non-Methylene Chloride formula; No CFCs; No ODS
Individual Usage: Laminate remover aid; For flushing gunjets and hoss betwen applications; Specifically formulated for clean-up of Westech products; Removes scuff marks, graffiti, grease, tar and more
Size: 13 oz. and 9lb.
Rec. Tips: 9501 ; 250050 ; 652-277-30WT