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Westech’s AR Industrial Strength Contact Adhesive Remover and Cleaner is specifically designed to remove Westech brand adhesives from a variety of surfaces. It works well on plastics, vinyl covered panels and countertop laminates. AR can be used to clean up overspray on laminate and aid in clean-up. This product is blended to minimize damage to plastic tub wall surrounds.
  • Removes all types of solvent-based adhesives
  • HAP free
  • Perfect for cleaning applicator guns and tips
  • Ideal for cleaning tub wall surrounds
Name: WT-AR
Description: Super Strength Adhesive Remover, Adhesive remover and cleaner; Leaves no residue; Removes adhesive from plastics, vinyl and laminates
Color: Clear
Features: No HAPs; Non-Methylene Chloride formula; No CFCs; No ODS
Individual Usage: Laminate remover aid; For flushing hose/gun between applications; Specifically formulated for clean-up of bathtub wall surrounds
Size: 13 oz. and 9lb.
Rec. Tips: 9501 ; 250050 ; 652-277-30WT