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VersaTILE® is formulated to be a multi-purpose industrial adhesive that has high strength, high temperature tolerance, and a high tacking capability. This adhesive is ideal for vinyl tile, carpet, wall coverings, fabrics, metals, and general construction. One-sided application from a self-contained aerosol system allows for quick and easy installation, with minimal dry time and easy clean up.

With Westech’s lifetime permanent live tack, this adhesive will not become brittle over time, so removal of damaged tiles is easy. By using a heat gun to melt the adhesive, the damaged tile can be peeled up and replaced with an additional recharging spray of new adhesive. VersaTILE® is also available in handheld aerosol cans that are the perfect size for small repair jobs.

Name: VersaTILE®
Description: Special purpose tile and flooring adhesive; Will withstand expansion/contraction with minimal gapping; One-sided application; Quick tacking (5-30 seconds); For floors and walls; Waterproof
Color: Clear
Features: LEED Compliant; Low VOC; No HAPs; Non-Methylene Chloride formula; No CFCs; No ODS
Individual Usage: Ideal for vinyl tile application; Bond will hold in the presence of heat and humidity; Formulated for rapid application; Applies easily and adheres to a variety of substrates ,Aerosol Spray Can, Refillable Aerosol Can
Size: 13 oz., 9lb., 27lb. and 135lb.
Rec. Tips: 652-277-30WT: 6" ; "L" tip: 12-15"