Environmentally Friendly Adhesives
High Strength Adhesives
Multi-Purpose Adhesives
Specialty Adhesives
Adhesive Removers
With more than 20 years of experience in packaging and marketing adhesives, Westech formulated variety of aerosol adhesive products as listed below:
  • Environmentally Friendly Adhesives –Our products were formulated to meet the highest possible standards of environmental health and safety as they are LEED compliant; Low VOC; No HAPs; Non-Methylene Chloride formula; No CFCs and No ODS.
  • High Strength Adhesives – Are specifically formulated as strength/temperature industrial adhesive applicable to a variety of substrates. These were designed to provide permanent bonding of materials for a variety of applications.
  • Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesives – Are specifically used for bonding a variety of materials in General Construction. Suitable for use in many different industries such as Upholstery, Furniture Making, Reprographic Production (Mounting) & Construction.
  • Specialty Adhesives – Specially formulated to bond Eco-Flexx TM vinyl. These were formulated as slightly white adhesive for use in the Billboard Industry.
  • Adhesive Removers/Cleaners - Are specifically designed to remove Westech brand gunjets and adhesives from a variety of surfaces.
  • Our products are packaged in different canister sizes for your convenience: 9 lb, 27 lb, 30 lb, 40 lb, 135 lb, 150 lb, 200 lb and 270 lb canisters.
For the complete lists, performance features and recommended application procedure of our products, kindly check our downloadable product catalogue found in this page.