Press Release
Westech Aerosol Packaging Gets a MakeoverWestech Aerosol announces a sleek new look in labeling and design for aerosol cans. Consumers will be pleased with the sleek new can and bold design of the new heat shrink label. The aerosol cans have also been upgraded with a new, full cup actuator with fan insert. The actuator has a large, ergonomic button to help relieve fingertip fatigue and increase ease of use. The new design will be incorporated onto all of Westech's aerosol cans in the next three months.

Well known for its environmentally friendly line of industrial adhesives, dispensed from self-contained canisters with reusable hose and gun, Westech is an innovative leader in the aerosol adhesives industry. Aerosol cans have always complimented Westech's line of canister adhesives, and the new packaging presents a more contemporary look.
Did you know that many of the Westech Aerosol adhesives products you already use, that have been in the marketplace for several years, can contribute to gaining LEED points?
Well, they do! Westech's popular HSC13®, HSEA®, and VersaTILE® canister adhesive systems are all LEED compliant and qualify for credits:

4.1: low emitting materials, adhesives and sealants;
4.4: low emitting materials, composite wood and laminate adhesives.

You may also be eligible for credit 5.1/5.2: related to products manufactured within 500 miles of the building site locations. Our adhesives are manufactured in Bremerton, WA, 98312.

In order to earn LEED credits, the project architect, interior designer, or other responsible party must submit the appropriate completed Submittal Template for each credit being requested. All necessary checklists and forms, as well as additional background information on the LEED Certification Program can be found by selecting the LEED option on the U.S. Green Building Council website at
Outstanding International Trade and Relations AwardsWestech was recently awarded the "Outstanding International Trade & Relations Partner" award by the Port of Bremerton (Washington) at the Partnership Appreciation Reception on November 1st, 2007. For the past several years, the Port of Bremerton has awarded selected "partners in business" who have contributed to the success of the Port of Bremerton.
Malibu Sticks with WestechMalibu Boats in Merced, CA, has just expanded their commitment to Westech Adhesives. "We have been using Westech's HS-MAC18 adhesive for our carpet installations and found it to work excellent" said Randy Woods, production manager at Malibu. "The new MPEA multi-purpose adhesive was tested, evaluated, and is now in full use over on the upholstery side" Mr. Woods continued. Martin Flores, the Environmental Manager at Malibu, said: "The less than 80 grams per liter of VOCs helps us manage our commitment to be as Green a company as possible and the zero HAPS is a big plus in a productthat works very well". Flores added: "Our decision to use Westech has paid off in many ways and we have pledged to continue to look for viable products that lessen or eliminate our impact on the environment - Westech has been key to our success".