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The only PATENTED spray adhesive for use in vacuum infusion, where adhesive is needed to hold layers of dry materials together before infusing.
  • Cross-links with vinyl-ester, polyester and styrene resins to form an integrated structur
  • Allows resin to obtain maximum tensile shear strength
  • Reduce emissions - low VOC and HAP's free!
  • Proven to be 30% stronger than the leading alternatives
Name: InfuZene® AV
Description: Vacuum Infusion Enabler; For infusion/vacuum forming Composites and Glue for Composites; Crosslinks with polyester and vinyl resins to form integrated structure
Color: Clear and Lt. Red
Features: Low VOC; No HAPs; Non-Methylene Chloride formula; No CFCs; No ODS
Individual Usage: Cross-links with vinyl, polyester, and styrene resins to form lasting assembly; Waterproof; Provides superior holding during forming process; Safely fuses laminating materials to structural core surfaces; Allows resin to obtain maximum tensile shear strength; Will not contribute to osmotic blistering
Size: 13 oz., 9lb., 27lb. and 135lb.
Rec. Tips: 652-277-30WT: 3-6"