Frequently Asked Questions - Adhesive Spray
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Why spray adhesive systems?
Read about the advantages of spray adhesive systems here.
See our downloadable tip sheet on using canister adhesives here.
What is the advantage of a non-methylene chloride product?
When used properly and with adequate ventilation, methylene chloride products are perfectly suited for most needs. Methylene chloride, however, is banned in the state of California. If you are searching for an adhesive compatible with California air regulations, please explore our environmentally friendly products for a solution.
What is a low VOC and/or HAP's free product?
Low VOC means that the adhesive is low in volatile organic compounds and complies with California's air regulations standards. HAP's means that the product does not contain any of the chemicals listed on the Environmental Protection Agency's hazardous air pollutants list.
Which tip should I use?
Please refer to your distributor or sales representative, or reference our tip selection chart for options here.
How should I apply the adhesive? How long should I wait before bonding both pieces together?
Our adhesives are primarily contact adhesives, therefore we recommend that you spray both pieces, wait until the adhesive is dry to the touch (approximately 2-3 minutes) and then bond together. Please refer to your tech data sheets or product labels for more specific application instructions.
How do I know how much adhesive to apply?
Full coverage of both substrates is recommended. Try not to overlap the spray pattern when spraying. Please refer to your tech data sheets or product labels for more specific application instructions.
Why isn't my adhesive spraying well? What should the temperature be when applying adhesive?
Our adhesives exhibit the most consistent spray pattern and quality when used at ambient temperatures between 60 - 80°F
How do I dispose of empty canisters?
Once you know that the canister is empty of material, you should follow state specific regulations for disposing of the canister. In most cases, the canisters are accepted by steel recycling facilities, but it is important to follow any state regulations in place.
Why should I choose Westech products?
The Westech management team has more than 40 years of combined experience in manufacturing, packaging, and marketing adhesives. Westech's quality manager assures excellence by providing a robust system of policies and procedures for the inspection of receiving raw materials, manufacturing adhesives, packaging, testing, storage and distribution of product and services. Our products are consistently the best and strongest, and we offer a full staff of knowledgeable people to answer your questions.