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Formulated to be a multi-purpose industrial strength adhesive for construction related applications. Industries for which this adhesive is suitable include general construction, furniture, RV, upholstery and many others. Materials that WT-DMEasy™ will effectively bond include bead board, particle board, plywood, polyurethane foam, fabrics, insulation for holding tanks, insulation panel construction and many others.
  • Quick drying (5-30 seconds)
  • High tack
  • HAP's free 
Not available for sale in California.

Name: DMEasy
Description: Multi-Purpose HighTack Spray Adhesive, Multi-purpose, high tack; Quick evaporation (5-30 seconds); Waterproof; Dries clear and flexible; Non-staining; HAP free, No ODS
Color: Clear and Blue
Features: No HAPs; Non-Methylene Chloride formula; No CFCs; No ODS
Individual Usage: General construction materials; Ideal for most foams and upholstery; Bead board; Insulation; Very fast long-lasting tack
Size: 13 oz., 9lb., 30lb., 150lb. and 300lb.
Rec. Tips: 652-277-30WT: 1-6" ; 6501: 4-7" ; "L" tip: 9-16"