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Cold Weather Warning
Thank you for buying Westech brand adhesives. Although our products can safely travel through cold temperatures, cans and canisters of adhesiv should be returned to the optimum operating temperature before use. Whenever possible, our adhesives should be maintained at or above 70°F.
Chemistry 101
As temperature decreases, pressure decreses. Since pressure propels the adhesive out, low pressure can limit and negatively effect sprayability. If the adhesive is kept at temperature below 70°F, spray pattern irregularities could include some slight spitting. In more extreme cases, only a liquid stream will spray out, instead of the customary web spray.
Storage Suggestions
Store cans and canisters in a warm place (at least 70°F). Keep canisters off of cold concrete floors. This is very important. If you need to store your materials in a warehouse and all you have is a concrete floor, stack the canisters on a rubber mat or a wood pallet to serve as a buffer between the metal and the concrete. This will keep the adhesive temperature from dropping lower than the room temperature.
If you encounter any of these problems, move the cans and canisters to areas heated above 70°F until up to room temperature. Canisters can be submerged in warm water for a minimum of 30 minutes to resolve the problem. During the warming process, periodically shake or roll the cans or canisters to mix the warmed adhesive on the outside with the cold adhesive in the center. Once the containers and adhesive return to a minimum temperature of 70°F, the products will perform normally

If you have any questions, please feel free to call your local distributor or our customer service department at 877-674-2010.