About Us
Dr. David Carnahan

Dr. David Carnahan, president and founder of Westech Aerosol Corp., pioneered canister adhesives during his tenure at Sta'-Put. For eight years he was their primary chemist as VP of Product Development and was responsible for all of the adhesive formulations. With a Ph.D. in chemistry and a master's degree in business, Dr. Carnahan has raised the bar for others in the industry. He is committed to researching what end users need and then formulating a solution.

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About Westech

At Westech, we are committed to developing and manufacturing high quality industrial strength adhesives. Shortly after the company was founded, Westech grew into a complete, vertically integrated adhesive aerosol manufacturer and packager. The Westech management team has more than 20 years of combined experience in packaging and marketing adhesives. Westech is best known for the successful formulation of an extremely popular line of low VOC adhesives that adhere to the strictest environmental regulations. These adhesives contain low levels of volatile organic compounds and were formulated to exclude the chemical methylene chloride. The result is an overall reduction of air pollutants, while maintaining strength, ease of use, and affordability.

By performing all research, development and marketing focus in-house, Westech has grown into a premier manufacturer and supplier of aerosol adhesives. We are committed to offering only the safest and strongest specialty adhesives for a diverse range of applications and processes. Westech has become the leader in new and exciting adhesive solutions enabling several industries to comply with low VOC, environmental and regulatory concerns.

Westech's quality manager assures excellence by providing a robust system of policies and procedures for the inspection of receiving raw materials, manufacturing adhesives, packaging, testing, storage and distribution of product and services. Westech Aerosol implements actions necessary to achieve planned results and strives for continuous quality improvements along with corrective and preventative measures.

Most of our products are available in both aerosol spray cans and canister systems that utilize a hose and spray gun attachment. Our self-contained, environmentally friendly, portable canister system was designed for ease of use. The canister system eliminates the need for air-assisted adhesive application systems. This approach significantly reduces worker set up and general maintenance time. Its portability enables you to apply adhesive in your facility as well as on the job site.

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